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May 8, 2019

As an Inclusionist, Christopher brings the physics of inclusion: where a diverse "me'" and an inclusive "we" collide into the time and space of communities. He combines his deep personal connection to diversity and experiences in HR strategy, communications, connections and inclusive engagement to catalyze the identities of everyday people and leaders but also create solutions that will impactfully take organizations one small step or giant leap towards an inclusive "we" - together.

He began his career temping in Strategic Consulting Function at The Gallup Organization in Nebraska, focusing on employee engagement. For over 10 years, Christopher has been supporting and advising private and public sector organizations in human capital disciplines, including diversity, inclusion, talent acquisition, organizational design, leadership development, culture, and change management. As Global Head of Diversity, he oversaw inclusion and diversity vision, leadership, and strategy worldwide, while fostering an open culture for all employees to thrive. Most recently, Christopher is helping elevate authenticity and togetherness at The We Company. He's helped create diverse and inclusive transformations for some of the world’s leading organizations, including Marriott International, Inc., Penn State University, BearingPoint, Inc., Deloitte, Dow Chemical, and CA Technologies.

Christopher lives in Brooklyn. Outside the office, he can be found at Prospect Park enjoying nature through movement, in his sacred space cultivating plants, and practicing handstands. He studied Human Resource Management and Employee Relations and Industrial & Organizational Psychology at Pennsylvania State University.