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Nov 26, 2018

Eric Hilfer serves Rosetta Stone as vice president of product development, running the language product portfolio spanning curriculum, speech technology, engineering, quality assurance, devops and Agile delivery.  Eric joined Rosetta Stone in 2014 from Scholastic and Tom Snyder Productions, where he built and scaled the engineering organization that delivered the award-winning Read180 / Math 180 intervention suite for K-12 literacy and math.  Eric has been driving technology innovation since the early 1980s, entwining parallel careers in quantum optics, industrial automation, aerospace, solid modeling, and EdTech.  Building from his startup experience at PTC and advanced R&D work at Mitsubishi Electric, Eric has excelled at bringing rigorous development methodologies and best practices like Scaled Agile and Lean to the mission-driven EdTech sector.
As a former research scientist and special education teacher, Eric has championed the use of technology where it provides real value as a tool to empower students, and a force multiplier for talented instructors and coaches who are scaling their practice.
Eric graduated magna cum laude from Amherst College, and conducted post-graduate research in experimental physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Personal Fact:
Eric loves spending time with cats and brewing his own Kombucha.