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Dec 19, 2018

Otto Berkes is a C-level business leader and innovator.
As Executive Vice President at CA Technologies, a $4 billion enterprise software company, Otto led CA’s subscription transformation through changes in processes, products, and organizations to shift the majority of the company’s business to a recurring revenue model. As Chief Technology Officer, Otto also led the company’s technology vision, research programs, and the CA Accelerator, an in-house portfolio of startups targeting emerging market opportunities.
Otto has extensive experience leading organizations through ongoing change. At HBO, Otto led the company’s technology division and transition to a digital future, and drove the growth of HBO’s streaming services.

During his 18 years at Microsoft, Otto led Widows DirectX and OpenGL through the rapid growth of interactive graphics on the PC. Seizing an adjacent opportunity in the living room, Otto co-founded Xbox in 1999. An early champion of mobile devices, he was general manager for the touch-based Origami tablet, and incorporated touch interaction into the Windows platform.
He holds a master’s degree in computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Vermont and an undergraduate degree in physics from Middlebury College. Otto is currently serving on the University of Vermont’s Board of Trustees.